Global Business Associates (GBA) is a privately held Romanian IT company oriented towards information system design and software development projects. Founded in 1994, GBA aims to design, develop and integrate customized software applications using state-of-the-aft software development, RDBMS and Data warehouse technologies and tools. Its team of about 35 software engineers and consultants has a broad experience in design and development of custom-specific Information Systems including but not limited to Decision Suppoft Systems, Business Intelligence, Management Information Systems, IT Enterprise Management.

       GBA knowledge and skills refer to web applications, business intelligence and data warehouse, management information systems, process control systems, embedded systems design and development, real time applications. Our staff use the most recent and advanced software development technologies in order to build powerful, reliable, scalable and easy to use products: Javabased technologies (J2EE applications, web services, standalone applications, etc), Oracle RDBMS and Software development platforms, OOP (C++, Java, Delphi, etc).



GBA - present and future activity


Main present activity of GBA SRL is in TELCO field.
Our company has among its plans for growth the following main goals and objectives:

   Expand Software Development skills and coverage areas
      Related activities:
      Explore market needs, identify opportunities & prospects
      Go to the market -- mailing campaign to prospects
      Evaluation and development of action plans

   Start one or two new software development projects
   in the TELCO field, within the framework of the current
   collaboration with Orange Romania, as well as consolidating
   and expanding the existing ones.

   Start a successful collaboration with at least one foreign
   partner in outsourcing (or body shopping) activities

Core and non-core activities



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